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Dehydrated Food
August 16, 2011, 7:58 AM
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Yes, I’m getting bored with my food. I get everything from green beans to apples to chicken to sweet potato puree in my food, but it’s getting boring. My mom took me to get nail clippers at the pet store the other day.

While we were there I proceeded to poop on the floor…. hey, don’t blame me, when you gotta go you gotta go.

Anyway, mom felt so bad about what I had done that she wanted to buy more stuff. She started looking at foods because I’ve been getting another potato and duck food (that I REALLY LIKE) mixed in with my other foods in the morning. Her idea was to give me the same food, but mix in a little ‘wet’ food. Instead of buying canned food she went with dehydrated food.
For dinner that night I didn’t get any, but come breakfast time I ate my ENTIRE meal with only 2 spoonfuls of this stuff. It’s amazingly good and it keeps me interested in my normal food. I’m just like a person, I don’t like to eat the same stuff all day every day. I like a little variety.

Aside from the new food, I also got a new toy. I got to smell and try out all of the ones in the store and I settled on this DUCKIE.

The duckie in the end got a haircut and was taken away from me so that I could preserve his life just a little bit longer.


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