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Flip Treat
July 29, 2011, 7:53 AM
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Last night I learned Flip Treat, which is like flip cup, but not.

I had lot’s of outtakes, but this video turned out pretty good. I flipped the treat over my head and behind me a few times, which was fun. My mom taught me this by putting her hands around my nose so that I couldn’t drop the treat on the floor and I ended up catching it just before it hit her hands. The lighter treats just FLY behind me….

Let me know what you think!


Grown up Gremlin
July 27, 2011, 7:12 PM
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I run run run around the backyard.

Then I roll on my back, make growly noises.

And RUN again.

Then I fetch the ball, and then my mom comes over to play with me.

Today she caught me upside down, and I was into the gremlin mode…

Famous Pictures
July 27, 2011, 7:03 PM
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Here are my calendar images. I’m posing really pretty. -=)

The photographer was a little timid about shooting 4 dogs sitting on steps, however we all behaved ourselves REALLY well and she was very happy that she worked with us and said she would do it again.

Our names are a little backwards there, but it’s a pretty cool picture. =) I don’t have the photographer’s name who took it or else I would credit her here.

I will however credit my mom who took these PICTURES!

Butt in the Butter
July 18, 2011, 6:01 PM
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Dad says that I fell with my butt in the butter or “A diminuĂ© avec her butt dans le beurre” in French….. he speaks french.

I actually don’t really believe I’m spoiled, but that I am very well taken care of and well loved. Most of the time I just can’t decide which toy I want to play with so I get as many as I want out and then decide.

Give me my CHEESE
July 12, 2011, 7:00 AM
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Cheeese please. That’s what I tell my mom every morning when she is making my food. I don’t just get dry food anymore… that’s way too boring.

Most days I get either sweet potatoes or pumpkin on my food (I LOVE both of these) and then possibly some vegetables if mom isn’t being lazy.

The best days are when she gives me CHEESE! I beg and beg and beg for cheese, and as soon as I see the bag of mixed grated cheese I’m not leaving that food’s sight. IT IT MINE!

I get so excited that I just sit and STARE at the food until it is set down so I can EAT!

My mom is teaching me not to growl at her when I am eating, but when there is CHEESE involved I just can’t help myself. She says this is my 1 bad behavior…. I just want my CHEESE. Apparently a lot of people have cheese addictions. I was told that a bunch of people my mom works with also have cheese addictions so I don’t feel so bad anymore.

I’d show you the CHEESE gremlin face, but I’m a little embarrassed about it so maybe it’s best I don’t show you.

A tired dog is a happy dog
July 10, 2011, 9:35 AM
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My grandma always tells us that a tired dog is a happy dog. In light of this my mom and dad decided to take me on a ‘long walk’ which ended up being an almost 2 hour hike on the cliffs overlooking Palos Verdes. This was my FIRST hike…. and I think I tackeld it pretty well.

It started with me pulling a little on the leash because I was SOOOOOOOO excited. I couldn’t hold back my excitement at this new area and all these new dog, animal smells.

I wasn’t too sure about the car because it’s different than the usual cars that I ride in however I trusted my mom and dad and got in after some coersion.

We started down the widest path because that’s how everyone gets to the fun stuff. Once we turned a few corners we got to a smaller path that I could navigate very easily by jumping around and running. I wasn’t too into the walking that my mom was doing but I was attached to her and was forced to wait a few times. I found and met a new animal on this trail, A HORSE and I was initially scared, but then I just felt like walking next to it because it’s so big so it must know what’s going on.

I was taken aback by the bikers in general as they passed me the first few times, but after that I got used to them. In general I don’t like when people are not running or walking and have wheels to transport them. Other than cars I’m a little weary of people who don’t use their legs.

Throughout the walk I consumed LOTS of water. It was hot after all….. My parents were carrying 2 water bottles for the 3 of us, and I’m pretty sure that I drank more than my fair share. I also made lots of friends on our hike because everyone seems to take their dogs to these trails so that was also fun for me.

Afterwards I was rewarded with a grassy field and water in my travel bowl:

And then everyone relaxed for a few more minutes while I drank a TON of water that came from the fountan at the end of the walk. It was a successful day!!!

A workout, sunshine, a happy dog.

And eventually…. a sleepy dog.

And then an even sleepier dog: