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Feelin’ Blue
June 24, 2011, 7:30 AM
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Yes, that’s right. I’m blue today. Not in the way you might think however. My mom left a pen on the counter on top of the log book that Shari and Lance keep when they come to visit me. She also left a few treats for me for later. Well, I didn’t want them for later…. I wanted them NOW, so as soon as she left I went to go get them. Along with the treats I got myself a blue pen which tasted really good. When Lance came to see me in the afternoon the damage had been done. I had said bye bye to the Blue Pen and HELLO to blue ink.

I got ink all over the tile floor (which came out), on my paws because I was holding it with them when I was eating it, and then on my back (because of course I had to scratch myself). The only really bad place I got pen is on my mom’s new rug. I’m not going to show you a picture of it because I am pretty sad that it happened. Of course there were also stains on some of the throw rugs but she doesn’t generally care about those so it isn’t a big deal.

At night when everyone came home Lance had already cleaned up some of the blue, but there was still more…. my bad. My dad scrubbed away at the tile and mom brought some cleaner home to scrub away at the rug. Needless to say the stains in the rug are still there and I will forever have to remember the day I ate the blue pen and turned myself partially blue.

My family started calling me smurfette and bluey….. I’m not sure I like those names. I don’t think I will ever do something like this again. I got a little timeout and had to sit still for a while so I could watch everyone clean up my mess.

After Paw cleaning.

My play area for the day was downsized this morning to just the kitchen. I think I learned my lesson. I’m still blue and likely will be for at least a few more days.


June 23, 2011, 7:06 AM
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Yep, that’s right we are going to be famous…. at least in our little hometown. We are going to be in a calendar for raising money for the town. We will be on the back of said calendar. We had a long photo shoot in which we sat for about 1 minute, and then proceeded to play for another hour so that we could all be photographed together playing in the waters of Del Mar. I have it pretty rough.