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May 8, 2011, 3:44 PM
Filed under: Home Life, Videos

When I’m at my grandparents’ house I am usually trying to show off and get the most attention. All of us girls love attention and will most often do anything to get it. I show off my catching skills which Callie isn’t very good at. Izzy nudges everyone to get attention (everyone think’s its really cute so she wins most of the time). When I was little I was the baby so I got held a lot…. and growled at for it. Callie isn’t showing off when she plays with her toys because I know she will let me play. Lily, who is the oldest and wisest never tries to get all the attention, but she usually gets a lot because she is very mellow and loving. Overall we are always in competition, so I’m usually OK with showing off some of my skills. It should also be noted here that although Lily and Callie like attention they both let me have the ball when we are playing on the beach. I think it’s because I am still sort of the baby.

Here’s a competition that we had recently:


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