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Play Date
April 8, 2011, 7:57 AM
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I made a new friend last night. Remy came over with her family to play and hang out with us. Initially we went to the backyard to get acquainted with one another and she did not like me very much. She kept barking at me which really confused me because I just wanted to run around with her and play. Here is an action shot:

After a little while, and some business later we were let inside and wreaked a bit of havoc on the house running around and chasing one another. After playing and getting to know one another, which is preceded and followed by butt sniffing we started wrestling and playing. I used the butt maneuver on her, but she just maneuvered away from it! After a long play session we got tired, or I did:

She is a little smaller than me, but man is she a scrappy little thing. She really likes to play it just took an initial few minutes to get her used to having a puppy around again. She is only a year and a half old so soon I will be that age and playing with everyone. We both got 2nd and 3rd winds after a bit of a rest:

She was a really fun play partner and I really hope that we get to visit with one another again soon. Man can that girl wrestle and play!!!


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