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April 3, 2011, 8:03 AM
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So, I love the hose, I love playing in the water bowl…. I love water. But I have never been swimming. That is not until today….

Hmmmm, No thanks Mom, I think I’ll pass….

Wait, Callie does this, I think I want to try….

I’m a little deep in the water here, maybe we shouldn’t stay this deep for too long…

A wave is coming after meeeeeee!!!!! Weeeeeee.

Ok, everyone is clean and drying off in the sun… We look a little wet…. and we smell like WET DOG, but it’s all good I had fun with my dog family. I am a more accepted member of the pack now that I go in the water.


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were you being mean and telling my dog not to move in the last picture? she looks like you just told her you’ll never feed her again!!! haha

Comment by Aunt Heather

Dad was spraying the hose all over the place like a crazy person so they were all a little on edge, hence the funny looks on all of their faces when I said ‘stay’!

Comment by nalacrabbie

oh, but I did tell her about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Comment by nalacrabbie

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