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March 8, 2011, 8:05 AM
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I HATE THEM. Why do dogs bark excessively? It is totally ridiculous and unnecessary. I mean, when I’m on a walk I want to enjoy sights and smells and other people and dogs around me. I DO NOT want little yapper dogs to scare me while I am enjoying my morning. I have to tell you that this morning this is exactly what happened to me.

I was walking all happily, or prancing as I usually do when I am really excited to go on a walk….. and of course some silly YAPPER dog started barking incessantly at me. My mom made me stop, but I put my ears back…. I don’t like dogs that are smaller than Stubby (my brother) AND bark. I kept my ears back and suddenly lost all of my manners while we were walking. This lasted for a few until I was far away from that annoying little thing that kept barking at me…. I’ll take that as a note NOT to walk by that house again… or at least try to steer clear, even though I’m not really steering when we walk….


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I think Ginny and Nala would be great friends!! 🙂 She doesn’t like it either! What’s worse I think is when we’re at the dog park and she meets dogs that are more “vocal” when they play… Ginny is never vocal!

Comment by Michelle Hartman

I hope they get to meet soon!!!!

Comment by nalacrabbie

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