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NO dogs on the bed
February 22, 2011, 8:50 AM
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So, it’s a very special hotel that let’s me stay the night…. very special in the $75 extra a night range….

After my trip to the winery I got to spend the night in the Marriott Santa Ynez Valley. We brought my bed, some toys and of course food and water and my favorite chews.

Despite being allowed to sleep in the room I was NOT allowed to sleep on the bed, I had to be on a leash, I could ONLY potty in a small PET area, and other rules which I decided not to fully read.

Our room was at the end of the hall which had an ice machine across the hallway, and an EXIT door right next to our door. I was a little worried about the exit door and the possibility of some random person coming into the room, so every time a person would walk close to our door I barked to let them know I was home and they were NOT allowed in. I didn’t sleep in my crate for the night which I hope never happens again….. I feed very safe in

Luckily there were no interlopers that tried to get in our room, and due to my incessant barking my Mom put my little bed on the bed and I got to snuggle in and sleep soundly there instead of on the floor where I had been sleeping until about 2am…


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