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Bath Time
January 24, 2011, 7:31 AM
Filed under: Home Life, Puppy Info

So, I don’t have any pictures of my BATH, but I have a picture of the finished product. Mom took me into the shower with her (I stand outside every morning to greet her when she walks out of the shower). I got warm water all over, and a little smelly stuff…. then I got a massage. It felt really nice and I was really relaxed.

Then she rinsed me off with more warm water….. I was then squeeguied off so that I didn’t drip all over the place and wrapped in a ‘nala’ towel…. Apparently these are the ones that are allowed to get dirty.

Once I was wrapped in the towel I was carried to the other bathroom where the hair dryer resides. Mom closed the door and I started rolling around and shaking all of the water off of me.

I join her every morning when she dries her hair, so this wasn’t unlike most other days. She sat down and asked me to come over to her. I happily laid down in her lap and she started drying me off. The only time I didn’t really love it is when the air went in my ears.

The result was a pretty, shiny coat of fur on me, and a yummy smelling pup… oh and did I mention I got a lot of attention too because I was softer. =)

I welcome bath time any time. Oh, and I almost forgot that when the hair dryer went off I gave mom a little lick on the cheek to thank her.


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