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Fear Stages
January 21, 2011, 9:00 AM
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I am 4.5 months of age…. apparently this is part of a fear stage. I have been getting spooked pretty easily recently…. I ran around my house and knocked over some chairs…. that SCARED me A LOT!

Here is a good article on fear stages:

The trainer told my mom that during this stage she should keep me away from LOUD noises, and crazy stuff so that I don’t get spooked. Apparently if I get spooked by something I may keep that with me forever and then I will just be scared of certain things for my whole life. Lately I just LOOK around at everything on walks… just so curious.

If something strikes my attention, or I get a little spooked I just SIT DOWN…. yet another sitting stage on my walks. I am usually ready to get back to walking in about 30 seconds or so….. We have made so many friends on our walks recently since we walk at the same time every day. When we walk by their houses I always try to wait for them to see if they’ll come out to play.

I am curious about something in the distance, so I am stopping to find out what is out there…..


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