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Sitting on walks
January 5, 2011, 8:30 AM
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Recently I don’t want to walk. Sometimes my legs hurt, sometimes I am bored, but mostly I would rather play at home and chase Stubby and play with my toys than WALK. My mom does NOT find this amusing as she pulls on my leash or gives me carrot pieces to keep walking. I don’t love my dog treats as much as my carrots, so she has decided to bring them along instead of the initial dog treats that she was bringing along. If I am not sitting sometimes I am chewing on stuff from the sidewalks…. this morning I tried to eat a rock, and I also sat down in the middle of the street.

I have included some snow pictures of a morning ‘walk’ that I went on….


Eating, not walking.



Last week I saw a skunk on my walk, and I got a little scared of him/her…. it wasn’t another dog so I didn’t know what to do. If I see other dogs walking I get excited and run up to them even though I know I am supposed to wait. I try to make friends, but sometimes the dogs are too shy to be friends with me.

I am hoping that I start enjoying my walks again soon, but in the meantime I know that it’s bothering my mom and she is looking up ways to keep me interested in the walks…. By the way I LIKE TO RUN. If I am on a walk and we start running, I go and go and go.


Sitting, not walking



Here is some research my mom did on dogs sitting while walking… she is doing ALL of those things, but I know it’s frustrating for her. I do want to please, so I am working on it.




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ah yes… Ginny also likes to stop, mid-crosswalk, and not continue the walks. But if we run, she’s fine. Her new thing now though is chasing cars. yikes! it’s kinda funny though because just a month or two ago she was afraid of them!

Comment by Michelle Hartman

Nala is totally afraid of cars at the moment, if I get her walking we are great, but if something distracts her we are done for!

Comment by nalacrabbie

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