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January 4, 2011, 7:52 AM
Filed under: Home Life, Puppy Info

Every time I go to a new house here is what I do:

Meet everyone in the house my smelling them, licking them, going over to them, and smelling them again

Meeting all the dogs in the new house by running up to them with my tail between my legs and smelling them

Running around the house looking for signs of things that smell good

Smell all the rooms for the people that sleep in them

Try to find any cats that live in their house via their smell


My time in Idyllwild was no different, except that no people live there so there weren’t that many smells. I did discover a place where they put fire. It was pretty awesome because it gave off a lot of heat.


Sleepy time


In this new house there were also a lof of stairs that people didn’t want me to walk down. Many times I had to wait until someone carried me down the stairs. When I was told to wait I was a god girl and stayed put until someone came for me.


Waiting like a good girl

When I get a little bit older I will be able to walk up and down the stairs, but for now I don’t want to hurt my hips so I wait.



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