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Treats and Begging
December 29, 2010, 8:08 AM
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NO BEGGING, no waiting for table scraps…. no people food, unless it is in my bowl. I have slowly learned these lessons. I used to jump in everyone’s lap when they were eating, but I have learned that it is no use. Now I just wait, and when nothing drops from the table for a few minutes I go and find 4 or 5 toys to play with. If I am REALLY lucky I get a bully stick to chew on while everyone else is eating.

I can’t resist the smell of cooking. Whenever there is food being prepared in the kitchen that is where you can find me. I love smelling all food being cooked…. and sometimes a few pieces drop for me to eat as well. On the whole I don’t beg…. mostly because I eat BEFORE everyone else. I usually eat about 30 minutes before so that my tummy is full when everyone else is eating.

Treats are a completely different story. I am apparently allowed to beg for treats. In grandma and grandpa’s house I know where the treats are, so when people go over to those particular spots I follow them just waiting. I know my commands so I will get a treat every time. I am still learning to roll over, but I’ve got sit, down, wait, off, shake, high five and kiss.


Yes, we are begging.


Lastly, there are some treats that make your breath smell…. I apparently don’t get these treats anymore. I DO LOVE THEM, so I guess I will have to wait until the bad breath doesn’t last that long so that I can get them again! Look how patient we all are while we wait for our treats!


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