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December 26, 2010, 11:47 AM
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Santa brought me a few things. I got a toy from my auntie Heather, toys from Grandma (this awesome octopus toy) and a very big soft bed! At first I didn’t want to sleep in the bed, but I realized now that it smells good (everyone else has sat in it now too) and that is is super soft.


Just Introduced to the new bed


I saw there were some toys in there and I just couldn’t resist. I knew this would be my new favorite place.

And it is…..about an hour later this is what happened…


Passed out.


And after I was rested I got to play with my new toy the octopus! He is a little big for me to fully chew on right now, but I just know that he will be one of my favorites. Apparently he won’t be easily broken and won’t fall apart… he is supposed to be very durable, so hopefully I will have him a very long time.


The Ultra Durable Octopus

My first Christmas was so fun. I got to play, sleep, play, sleep, eat and above all I got some new toys!



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Fun Christmas for Nala. She is conked out in that second picture. =)

Comment by David

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