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Post Walk
December 19, 2010, 5:44 PM
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After the first walk I was soaking wet. My mom doesn’t let me run around the house when I am a wet dog, so she usually takes me into the bathroom to get dried off. I usually keep her company when she dries her hair in the morning so I like the hair dryer now. It keeps me warm when it’s chilly in the mornings and dries me off when I get wet. Since the rain had me drenched from head to toe I needed to get dry again. I sat down and rolled around on the floor after shaking off some of the water that had my coat all wet. While I rolled around and walked all around the bathroom I got all dry from the hair dryer.

Ever since I got home from the hospital I sort of realized that my mom knows best for me so I listen a little more, and I am gremlin a little bit less.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that when my mom is drying her hair in the morning she flips it over and I try to bite it…


Rolling around on the ground.




Crazy Rain
December 19, 2010, 4:07 PM
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My first walk was this evening. I went to see Dr. Dirk yesterday and he cleared me for walks. Unfortunately it is raining…. LOTS and LOTS. We went outside for my first walk (which was only supposed to be about 15-20 minutes) and it was POURING outside. I got my ladybug leash and we were off. I think I did really good on the leash, and I only pulled a few times. I learned to sit when we stop and look up when my name is called. I am sure I will work on this much more in the near future as I get to go on walks 2-3 times a day now!

Don’t I look great on my leash. I am going to LOVE going on walks all the time now.