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December 14, 2010, 8:54 PM
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I am finally free of that cone around my neck. I get to run around and play with my toys as much as I want. The problem now is that I only get 1/2 of a can of food every few hours. I am always so hungry, and I know it is for the best, but I just WANT SOME MORE FOOD! I also don’t get to play outside. When I go out I have to be on a leash. I heard talk about the fact that the fertilizer was put on the grass and I may have eaten a lot of it and it might have hurt my stomach but no one knows for sure.

Once I had my cone off of my neck I could play with my toys again and I didn’t want to leave mom or dad’s side. I wanted to ALWAYS be with one of them.



No more cone! TOYS only!!!! I can’t wait to run around free too!!!


Nap time at home


I had food at home, soft food only… and now I am ready to take a nap on my favorite bed yet again. I missed this bed when I was in the clinic last night.


Evil Eye

I’m back to hanging out on the bed. Only after food and potty in the morning. I always have a lot of energy when I get on the bed, but I slowly calm down.

I am DEFINITELY not acting like I am or was sick anymore. I jump sideways again and I run around like a gremlin. I know everyone was scared about me, but I am all better now. No more crazy plants for me….





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