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Vet Time
December 12, 2010, 8:43 PM
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I had to go to the VETERINARIAN today again! The last time I had to go see that guy he made me cry. This time was almost no different. I had a rough night before I went to go see him and we told him all about the fact that I woke up every 2 hours to go potty. He tested me and made sure that I had NO bacteria or bad stuff inside of me. He was supposed to give me shots, but instead just gave me probiotics to make my tummy feel better and told me to come back later in the week when my stomach was feeling better. He said that I should eat ONLY boiled chicken and rice for at least 2 days until I was feeling better.

I will definitely get used to chicken and rice. It is SUPER good.

Waiting for the Doctor.

I think I know what’s going to happen when the Doctor comes into the room. He usually gives me some vitamins and then pets me all over and I think he listens to my hears and takes my temperature too.


Boo for the Doc.


I’m not sure that I like waiting for him to come. He isn’t too bad, but I would definitely still rather be playing outside than getting poked and prodded at the doctor.


Chicken and Rice

He told me that I had to only eat chicken and rice to repair my intestines so that I didn’t have a tummy ache anymore…. That’s what I will be doing for the next few days.



When it was around lunch time I could smell all sorts of yummy food being cooked and then I found out that it was all for me. I have mastered the command ‘wait’ when being given food and I always wait and look at my mom before I begin eating. I am really becoming a well-behaved little pup.







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