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Winter Wear
November 28, 2010, 12:20 PM
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Apparently to be warm in the winter when you don’t have a full coat you gotta have a sweater. My mom brought this purple sweater home for me. We tried it on in the store and she just never took it off me. We looked at a teal one and a brown and blue one, but mom and my grandma thought that purple was more fitting just so everyone would know that I was a girl and not think I was a boy just because of the color I was wearing.

I am not a doll.

This sweater is about 8 sizes too big for me and they had to roll up the sleeves, but it DID keep me warm. Everyone else made a little fun of me, but I was definitely warm. I tried to get out of it, but mom kept putting my legs back in to keep me warm. She did take it off so that I could run around the beach with the other girls. This time I didn’t shiver because I was chasing everyone around instead of just sitting.


Playing with my friends at night.




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we got the most awesome jacket ever for rainy/snowy days from Land’s End for $24. #1-she looks adorable. #2- it came in Pink (the only girl color). I agree on the purple!

Comment by Michelle Hartman

yucky clothes for dogs

Comment by Aunt Heather

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