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San Diego Friends
November 28, 2010, 10:51 AM
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I get to meet and play with all new people everywhere I go! Here are some of the people I met and played with in San Diego.



Heather is my new auntie and she will come see me and play with me in LA. She and Izzie were very fun and nice to me during our trip to San Diego.

Danny and Lindsay

I will see Danny and Lindsay in LA I am sure, but I get to see them in San Diego too! They were so nice and played with me and all of the other dogs.


I see him every day in LA, but he hung out with me during my time in San Diego too! He is always so nice to me. I lick his face all the time.

Geoff and Fela

They came to see me at night after I had a nap and I was jumping all over the place and playing with all of the dogs and with Fela and Geoff too.


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