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November 26, 2010, 8:25 AM
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Every morning while in San Diego the dogs get to go on the beach and play. I was lucky enough to be taken out there despite all of the other dogs I might see. It was 6 am and my family knows all of the dogs that are out there. I was still picked up every time another doggie came by because I am only allowed to meet dogs that we know REALLY well.

What is this place??

They keep holding me but they won’t let me down to play. I’m not sure why….

I wanna go down!!!

I see lots of big waves that are pretty scary because they are so much bigger than me. When I see the water coming towards me I run back towards my mom and hide a little bit. I did see my other sister Callie eating seaweed so I decided to try it out myself. It tastes pretty salty but I can shake it around while I have it in my mouth which is pretty fun.

Oh, I wanna eat seaweed.

I ate a few pieces and started licking the rest but then I was told not to…. why is everyone always ruining my fun?

All the girls playing!

Look how much fun everyone is having. I want to be all grown up so that I can go chase the ball in the waves too!

If I sit nicely will you let me GO?

I tried everything for them to let me go, but they never did. They also put this weird harness thing around my front legs instead of the collar that was on my neck. It wasn’t very comfortable, but it didn’t pull on my neck as much as the purple collar that I have been wearing.

Callie is showing me the ways of the world.

I did sort of already figure out the seaweed, but Callie wants to show me everything and I am going to play and listen and learn. I think I might be part of the doggie pack now that they are all playing with me and teaching me new things about the world around me.


Let me OFF this leash.

I got to chase the other girls and the waves. I did get hit by a little wave and then I got really cold and started shivering. I had to go back inside because it was 39 degrees F outside and I don’t have enough  of a coat to keep me warm.


I'll learn to dig a hole like THIS

This is what I aspire to…. Callie ALWAYS digs a hole on the beach and when it gets big enough she gets to lay in it. Many times this hole starts with a ball on the sand and ends up with a ball inside a big hole.

There are many more beach days in my future I think…..


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