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Discovering Life at home
November 2, 2010, 5:35 PM
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So many new sounds to discover… and all these new smells and people. I even met this other strange black animal that makes weird noises at me when I get close to him. I think he wants to play, but then he tries to swat at me…. One of these days he will be my best friend.

Eating my new Food

I have to eat this new food, but I think I will get the hang of it….

I'm trying to be cute, but I really have to pee

There’s this gate that stops me from running around the house, which is what I really want to do…. good thing I get to play outside A LOT during the day.

The new friends I told you about

And you know that new friend I made…. he is sleeping on the couch up there above me. I’m not sure he really likes me a lot yet, but maybe he is just old and needs to learn to have fun again.

Playing hard makes me so tired

Playing all afternoon long makes me tired. Someone that my new mom called grandma gave me this raccoon that I like to sleep with. I also carry him into my crate and try to shake him dead every once in a while.


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