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November 30, 2010, 6:10 AM
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While I was in San Diego I kept hearing about how the ‘dogs are roughhousing each other’. I suppose this is the word for wrestling and play fighting. I was getting really good! I learned how to run up to the other dogs, bite them and jump away. It was so much fun to tease them, especially Callie who would have stare offs with me and let me jump all over her.

Play Time

Stare off!

From 2010-11-25 Turkey Day

Now, I have to play alone because the dogs aren’t around anymore. I am sure that I will get to go back and play with them very very soon. They are my family after all!



No Table Scraps
November 29, 2010, 6:58 AM
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So my mom has been reading up on what to feed me and what not to feed me. I recently developed and affinity for zucchini and all other types of squash along with green beans. I am getting vegetables for almost every meal which, like I said before, I ALWAYS eat first.

In case you were not aware…. table scraps shouldn’t make up more than 10% of my diet. I have found that every time my mom cooks I stand next to her just waiting for her to drop something…. and sometimes she even gives me a little piece or two of food. (don’t tell her that this is what I am waiting for)

She monitors what I eat and goes off of charts like this one:

To determine if she should give it to me or not…


Mom tells me no begging.

When the people around me eat, I usually have to sit in the pen. I normally wait quietly, but IF I AM HUNGRY I turn into the little gremlin again…. and sometimes start chewing up my bed so that my mom pays attention to me and gives me a little extra food.


Winter Wear
November 28, 2010, 12:20 PM
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Apparently to be warm in the winter when you don’t have a full coat you gotta have a sweater. My mom brought this purple sweater home for me. We tried it on in the store and she just never took it off me. We looked at a teal one and a brown and blue one, but mom and my grandma thought that purple was more fitting just so everyone would know that I was a girl and not think I was a boy just because of the color I was wearing.

I am not a doll.

This sweater is about 8 sizes too big for me and they had to roll up the sleeves, but it DID keep me warm. Everyone else made a little fun of me, but I was definitely warm. I tried to get out of it, but mom kept putting my legs back in to keep me warm. She did take it off so that I could run around the beach with the other girls. This time I didn’t shiver because I was chasing everyone around instead of just sitting.


Playing with my friends at night.



San Diego Friends
November 28, 2010, 10:51 AM
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I get to meet and play with all new people everywhere I go! Here are some of the people I met and played with in San Diego.



Heather is my new auntie and she will come see me and play with me in LA. She and Izzie were very fun and nice to me during our trip to San Diego.

Danny and Lindsay

I will see Danny and Lindsay in LA I am sure, but I get to see them in San Diego too! They were so nice and played with me and all of the other dogs.


I see him every day in LA, but he hung out with me during my time in San Diego too! He is always so nice to me. I lick his face all the time.

Geoff and Fela

They came to see me at night after I had a nap and I was jumping all over the place and playing with all of the dogs and with Fela and Geoff too.

November 28, 2010, 10:28 AM
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This is me?

I recently discovered that I can see myself in the mirror. I didn’t bark as most people thought I might, but I did stare. I have to admit I was a little scared at first, but then I figured it must be normal because no one else was scared. I actually quite like being able to check myself out in the mirror.


November 26, 2010, 8:25 AM
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Every morning while in San Diego the dogs get to go on the beach and play. I was lucky enough to be taken out there despite all of the other dogs I might see. It was 6 am and my family knows all of the dogs that are out there. I was still picked up every time another doggie came by because I am only allowed to meet dogs that we know REALLY well.

What is this place??

They keep holding me but they won’t let me down to play. I’m not sure why….

I wanna go down!!!

I see lots of big waves that are pretty scary because they are so much bigger than me. When I see the water coming towards me I run back towards my mom and hide a little bit. I did see my other sister Callie eating seaweed so I decided to try it out myself. It tastes pretty salty but I can shake it around while I have it in my mouth which is pretty fun.

Oh, I wanna eat seaweed.

I ate a few pieces and started licking the rest but then I was told not to…. why is everyone always ruining my fun?

All the girls playing!

Look how much fun everyone is having. I want to be all grown up so that I can go chase the ball in the waves too!

If I sit nicely will you let me GO?

I tried everything for them to let me go, but they never did. They also put this weird harness thing around my front legs instead of the collar that was on my neck. It wasn’t very comfortable, but it didn’t pull on my neck as much as the purple collar that I have been wearing.

Callie is showing me the ways of the world.

I did sort of already figure out the seaweed, but Callie wants to show me everything and I am going to play and listen and learn. I think I might be part of the doggie pack now that they are all playing with me and teaching me new things about the world around me.


Let me OFF this leash.

I got to chase the other girls and the waves. I did get hit by a little wave and then I got really cold and started shivering. I had to go back inside because it was 39 degrees F outside and I don’t have enough  of a coat to keep me warm.


I'll learn to dig a hole like THIS

This is what I aspire to…. Callie ALWAYS digs a hole on the beach and when it gets big enough she gets to lay in it. Many times this hole starts with a ball on the sand and ends up with a ball inside a big hole.

There are many more beach days in my future I think…..

Doggie Family
November 24, 2010, 10:44 PM
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Right after I met Auntie Heather and Izzie I got to go meet a few more doggies and see my grandma and grandpa who have come up to see me a few times at my house. I met 3 dogs, Izzie, Lily and Callie.

Nala meet Callie!

Right after I was introduced to all of them I got to PLAY. The girls taught me how to play and we all hung out together. My people family and my doggie family were all hanging out together in the garage playing which was so fun.


Mom always wants to pick me up when I am playing. I think she was a little scared because Callie growled at me a little bit when we all went inside after the first play session, but I know she was just telling me where my place was in the hierarchy of the dog family.

Hey, I still wanna play!

Once we went back outside everyone was happy again and the growling disappeared. Callie and Izzie wanted to play more with me while Lily didn’t play as much. She is a bit older and wiser and basically just hangs out while we all play. If I go up to her she will play with me however.

Learning to PLAY!

Auntie Heather

This is my auntie Heather. She is really nice to me and helps me learn where to potty and play in my other homes.

After all the excitement of the day I needed some sleep and proudly slept the entire night!